Food prices in Britain

"Shoppers in Camberwell, a short bus ride from Dulwich and among the most deprived wards in the country, also said food prices were increasing.

“I don’t eat as much meat as I used to because it is so expensive. At the end of the week, you think, ‘Oh crikey’,” said Becky Smith, 33, a student. “I have noticed prices have gone up a lot. I try to budget shop, but there are lots of queues and they have gotten longer in the last few months.”

Jane Taylor, 50, a housewife, agreed: “The main things I buy are mince meat, sausages and a joint for Sunday, and from the beginning of the year they went up.” She was unimpressed with supermarket discounts. “They try and con you in shops by saying they’ve got offers, but you’re still paying for it one way or another.”

Residents also complained that their utility and housing costs were rising.

“Electricity has gone up – you put £10 ($15) in the electricity meter and it’s gone immediately. Rents have also gone up, nothing has gone down,” said Charlie Adams, 22, who is unemployed.

Carol Fodili, 53, a childminder, said rents had risen: “The electricity and gas bills have also gone up, but they’re saying they’ll be reduced again in April.”

Teresa Brown, 52, a care worker living in social housing, said: “Apparently my rent from the council hasn’t gone up, but I think electricity has gone up a little bit.”

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