You're actually in the exam.... about 45 minutes - maybe less (15?)

Read through the questions BEFORE writing anything. Maybe there is ONE you cannot do. Keep it in your mind as you are answering the other questions. Something will occur to you.

Leave plenty of space between questions so you can add later.

Always refer to the case study

Do diagrams whenever you can as the marking schemes show 'give X marks if a diagram is drawn'.

This is the paper people tend to doi badly in so THINK. Use economic terms throughout.


One last tip on biofuels (10 June):

"Critics warn that the cultivation of palm trees to produce biodiesel is a threat to Colombia's indigenous groups and other minorities, including Afro-Colombians.

In rural areas, there is evidence that some people have been forcibly displaced to make way for biofuel production.

Last year, the United Nations stopped its investment in the sector in Colombia. "


OK must go - exams start in 10 minutes. Laptop off.....

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE. (Hundreds of new visitors from the Student Room - not one posted a 'thanks' - such is the world...)


  1. Well thanks alot for all the help. I ended finding the paper really easy because of it.

  2. thanks,
    I think i misunderstood the subsidy question, can you please tell me the correct response

  3. a. argue the case for biofuels
    b. is this the best way to encourage production